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🎶 MitiS and Yetep – A Night of Electrifying Beats in Boise 🎶


🗓️ SATURDAY, MARCH 16 | 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:00 PM)


Hey Boise! Get ready to experience the ultimate electronic music extravaganza as MitiS and Yetep hit the stage at the Knitting Factory for a night that promises to be nothing short of legendary. 🌟

🌐 MitiS – The Piano Prodigy Turned Electronic Maestro 🌐

From the prestigious halls of Carnegie Hall to the electric energy of the dance music scene, MitiS, a.k.a Joseph Torre, has carved a unique niche in the electronic music world. Blending his classical piano skills with pulsating electronic beats, MitiS brings an emotional depth to his music that’s both rare and captivating. Signed to Ophelia Records and having collaborated with heavyweights like Jason Ross and Seven Lions, MitiS is ready to take Boise on a musical journey like no other.

🚀 Yetep – The Innovator of Dance Music 🚀

LA-based powerhouse Yetep is known for his innovative approach to dance music. With a career that skyrocketed in just five years, Yetep has become synonymous with groundbreaking beats and a unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide. His passion for creating community-driven music has made him a beloved figure in the dance music scene, and his live performances are a testament to his talent and creativity.

🎉 What to Expect 🎉

  • All-Ages Welcome: Music lovers of all ages, get ready to dance the night away!
  • Electrifying Performances: MitiS and Yetep are known for their dynamic live shows that blend emotion, energy, and unforgettable beats.
  • A Night to Remember: The Knitting Factory is the perfect backdrop for an evening of electronic music excellence.

💃 Why You Can’t Miss This 💃

This isn’t just a concert; it’s a celebration of music, creativity, and community. MitiS and Yetep are set to deliver performances that will leave you breathless, inspired, and craving more. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering the magic of electronic music, this night is for you.

🎟️ Grab Your Tickets Now! 🎟️

Tickets are flying fast for this one-of-a-kind musical experience. Secure your spot now and get ready to be part of an evening that will set the standard for electronic music events in Boise.

Begin March 16, 2024 H 8:00 pm
Location Knitting Factory