Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Stares at You? Wonder No More

Written by on 20 August 2020

Dogs can be hypnotic creatures and will often use visual cues as a way to communicate with us. Now we know why they stare at us.

Sometimes when your dog stares at you, the reason is quite obvious. For example, if you’re eating a rack of tasty barbecued ribs and haven’t offered any to man’s best friend. We all know that you can’t just eat dinner and not offer some scraps to the fur buddies! Actually, the AKC and every veterinarian in the world advises against that. But we all do it anyway.

But for your dog, the staring may not always be about the tasty treats we get to eat. So why does your dog stare at you? Wonder no more.

Now if we could only get some answers about the drooling, “area” licking, smelly breath, excessive hair and how to teach them to use the toilet AND close the lid!

Photo Courtesy: Chalabala

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