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Rick Morton – Host of Hey Morton
Rick Morton first saw a radio studio when he was 6 years old and knew from that day on that’s what he
wanted to do! “I couldn’t believe that was somebody’s job and thought it must be the most fun you
could have and get paid!” He has been getting everyone to work with a smile for over 20 years and loves
the fact that he gets to be an escape for thousands of people each day!
“Our show isn’t political or issue oriented. “, says Rick about his show, ”There are a lot of places to get
that kind of media. We want to be an oasis of laughter and good natured fun for people who could use
an escape!” BTW If you want to laugh, his prank call the PHONE JIBBA will have you in tears! He is known
as the ‘Logical” one on the show and has an unblemished record of winning at Trivia. You can take a shot
at defeating him each week at his game Wheel of Morton!
Rick is proud of being a #girldad to his 3 year old daughter Josephine and husband to Vanessa. His other
passions include being a private pilot, playing hockey and growing desert plants.


Edina Macic
Edina was born in Bosnia &  Hercegvina! Her family moved to the states and she grew up in Boise, Idaho.
Her diverse up bringing has given her a unique perspective that she brings every day to Hey Morton!
Edina hosts the “The Daily Dirt” giving you an inside look at the biggest news and gossip in Hollywood.
You can also take on Edina in a trivia game that bears her nationality, “Beat the Bosnian”
When she’s not having fun on the radio, Edina loves to hike and go out to all the hottest brunch spots.
She loves to share her personal life on the radio and on social media.


DJ D-Rock (aka Derrick) is the lovable big brother on Hey Morton. He knows more about music than
almost anyone you know! D-Rock is a very successful DJ, who has shared the stage with Janet Jackson
(can you say wardrobe malfunction), Busta Rhymes, and many more.
His easy-going lifestyle and laid back attitude hide the fact that he is a fierce competitor and loves a
good contest! I mean, he attended a performing arts high school and played football for another at the
same time!
He is a committed sneaker-head with so many shoes it takes a separate storage unit to house them all.
D-Rock is also a Star Wars/Comicon junkie. He also loves to hit Disneyland as often as he can!