Students and Parents Angry Over School Zoom Dress Codes

Written by on 20 August 2020

Schools that are remote teaching classes over zoom are enforcing dress codes that are leaving students and parents speechless and angry.

The world we currently live in is drastically different that the one we all inhabited 12 months ago. Businesses are closed, the country is in upheaval and everyone is sick! But life must go on and learning must continue. The debate over returning to school has been a heated one. But the one thing that’s puzzling a lot of students and parents is the fact that some schools are enforcing dress codes for zoom classes. WHAT?!

According to Teen Vogue, students who break dress code rules will have their parents notified although the punishment is not yet clear.

“My school is enforcing the same dress code they have during the in-person school year, which the principal made us aware of over virtual orientation,”

Making sure all of the necessary areas are covered is one thing. Making sure it’s not pajama day every day is another. But to enforce hat rules, length rules and even pants rules? That seems a little extreme. After all, unless you stand up to walk away from your computer or laptop, nobody is going to see your lower half anyway. Although it’s probably wise to wear something other than your tighty whities LOL!

Where do you stand on the dress code rule for zoom classes?

Source: Teen Vogue

Photo Courtesy: Mint Images

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